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Moon Cheek Conures

These colorful birds love attention and can be more demanding than a parakeet or finch, but the extra time spent with them is worth the reward. They love to feel like part of the family, so house them where there is a high activity level nearby.

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Other Animal Facts


South America (Venezuela, northern Brazil, and Guyana)


Moon Cheek morph is a combination of cinnamon, dilute, yellow sided and turquoise. The result is a Green Cheek Conure painted in pastels


25-30 years on average


Conures are energetic, friendly, and comical. They can easily learn tricks and some words.


Eats a variety of seeds, pellets, fruits and vegetables.


Needs a roomy cage with toys for chewing and mental stimulation.


Requires lots of socializing with their humans to be happy.