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Hybrids and Designers and Purebreds…Oh My!





Hybrids and Designers and Purebreds…Oh My!

Let’s just dive right into the differences between purebred puppies, designer dogs, and hybrid. As dog lovers and fanciers, we know that there is some confusion surrounding these definitions. These dogs are typically a blend of the best of both doggy worlds, making for dogs with affable and desirable temperaments. Below is our take on defining these types of pups and also a list of our top designer dogs.

Definition of purebred puppies.

They are dog breeds that encompass a unique genetic makeup that can be consistently reproduced. This means that any dog whose parents belong to the same breed is considered a purebred dog.

Definition of mutt.

Mutt is an older term and refers to two dogs from different breeds that mate and produce a puppy. A lot of times, the parents’ breeds are unknown, thus so is the puppy’s.

Definition of hybrid puppies.

A true hybrid is a dog that has been crossed with a wild animal, like wolves and coyotes. Normally these mixes are not intentional and occur in the wild. These dogs are not recommended as pets and in many places, they’re against the law to own one.

Are they health concerns?

Most designer dogs are pretty unpredictable in a lot of ways, particularly regarding their health and inherited diseases, but because of their growing history, we’re able to learn and report more about their health. Purebred puppies are tested for issues usually known to affect the breed, which is common and helps to detect diseases and potentially eradicate them. When breeds are crossed, it creates hybrid puppies with unknown results, thus they really can’t be tested in advance.

Top 3 Designer Dogs We Have!

1. Maltipoo puppies

This adorable dog is a cross between a Maltese and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. They’re smart and funny and tiny and our customers can’t get enough of our Maltipoo puppies!

2. Labradoodle

The Labradoodle is a cross between the Labrador Retriever and Standard, Miniature, or Toy Poodle. These dogs are the ultimate smarty pants.

3. Goldendoodle

It is a mixed breed dog obtained by breeding a Golden Retriever with a Poodle. The Golden Doodle was originally developed as a guide dog for visually impaired people with allergies.