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Pet Sitters vs Kennels – Which is Best for Your Pet?

Entrusting a stranger to look after your beloved pet is a difficult decision for any owner to make. Who’s more qualified, the kennel facility, or the pet sitters you find through apps such as Rover and Wag? How can you be certain that your furbaby ends up in good hands? What to Look for In a Kennel While the rates for pet hotels tend to be higher than those of a sitter, the best facilities […]

Retractable Leashes for Dogs: This is What You Need to Know

While most puppies can learn simple commands as early as 7 weeks, most experts agree that you start formally training your dog around 6 months of age. Training your dog includes everything from house training to socializing and walking on a leash. When you start leash training, you’ll have a choice between a retractable or fixed leash. Retractable leashes have a bad reputation but incidents with this type of leash are largely the result of […]

Why It’s Important to Socialize Your Puppy

The world is filled with sights, sounds, smells, and myriad other environmental factors that can be overwhelming for puppies. It’s important to socialize your dog early so that she feels comfortable outside of the safety of your home when she meets other people and animals. Without proper socialization, your best buddy could become anxious, depressed, or even aggressive.  When should socialization start? The ideal socialization age for puppies is between three and twelve weeks old, […]

Tips to Keep Your Dog’s Ears Clean

Keeping your dog’s ears clean is important for maintaining their overall health.  While some dogs’ ears are naturally clean and require little maintenance, others need extra care. Dogs with long or really furry ears, like cocker spaniels, that accumulate dirt and debris more easily are often more prone to ear infections and other problems.  The physical makeup of your dog’s ears isn’t the only factor that increases their risk for ear conditions. Yeast and bacteria […]

Pros and Cons of Sleeping With your Do

We all dream of it – cuddling up with your pooch in bed on a cool night, reading by your nightlight and snuggling down for the evening. So, is it good or bad to co-sleeping with your dog? We weigh in on the pros and cons of sleeping with Fido in your bed.  First, let’s start with the pros of sleeping with your dog He’s soft and snuggly, and you just adore that light snoring […]

Does heartworm prevention and flea prevention need to be given year-round?

One of the most frequently asked questions that many veterinarians get is whether heartworm and flea prevention should be used year-round. The resounding answer is, “Yes.” Regular flea and heartworm prevention are essential for keeping your dog healthy and happy. Read on to learn more. Fleas Pose a Year-Round Threat Contrary to popular belief, fleas aren’t a seasonal pest. While freezing temperatures can kill fleas, it often isn’t enough to eliminate the problem altogether. These […]

The Facts About Dogs and Their Paws

Are you concerned that your dog is licking or chewing her paws a little too much?  Although licking is associated with normal grooming behavior for dogs, when it becomes excessive and includes constant chewing, this could indicate an underlying problem. One of these conditions could be the culprit behind your dog’s incessant grooming.   Allergy: Whether it’s the result of seasonal allergies or a flea infestation, dogs lick their paws to relieve the itch. Keep in […]

5 things you must know about Heat Stroke in Dogs

When exposed to the hot sun for long periods of time, dogs can suffer from a serious condition called heat stroke. It’s important that you know the signs and understand how to prevent your dog from suffering from heatstroke. Here are five facts that you must know. 1. Normal body temperature in dogs is 100.5-102.5 degrees. Heatstroke will occur when a dog’s body temperature reaches 107-109 degrees. Dogs don’t sweat through their skin the same […]

Is a dog walker right for you?

Daily walks are essential to our dog’s happiness and wellbeing. Your dog could require up to 3 walks per day depending on its age, breed, and energy level. With the daily hustle and bustle of work, school, and social activities, making time for your dog’s walk may feel like a difficult act to balance. Recently many cities have seen the introduction of dog walking services who can help bridge the gap for individuals like yourself […]

4 Things that happy dogs do

Make Eye Contact Dogs will focus on things that they like and are interested in. If they are intimidated or scared of something, they won’t want to look at it, much the same as a person may cover their eyes if they were to see something scary! Regular eye contact with your dog is a sign that they love and trust you, so hold their gaze from time to time, to show that you love […]