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Crested Gecko

Crested Geckos are low-maintenance pets and are very well-suited for novice lizard keepers. They get their name from the fringed crest that begins over their eyes (almost resembling eyelashes) and runs down their necks and backs.

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Other Animal Facts


New Caledonia


Comes in a large variety of colors and patterns

Size & Lifespan

Need a temperature gradient of 72-80°F (daytime), and 65-75°F (nighttime)


Crested Geckos are generally docile pets, though they may become skittish from time to time.


Eats a commercial diet supplemented with crickets and other prey insects.


Can house multiple geckos in a 20-gallon terrarium (as long as there is no more than one male). Need lots of plants / branches for climbing.


Adults are 7-9 inches in length. Can live 10-20 years.