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Russian Tortoise

Russian Tortoises are small, making them easy for most people with limited space to keep. They are also feisty, eager to eat and more active than some other tortoises. When allowed to burrow, Russian Tortoises also have a high tolerances for temperature extremes.

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Other Animal Facts


Southeastern Russia through the Middle East


Shell is generally brown or black with yellow outlines, body is often yellow and brown

Size & Lifespan

If indoors, add a basking spot of 90-100°F; outdoors, they are good at regulating their own temperature


Russian Tortoises are fascinating pets, but can become stressed if handled too often.


Will eat broad-leafed plants and weeds outdoors, or any variety or dark leafy greens or veggies.


Keep in a large plastic bin indoors, or in an outdoor pen in warmer climates. (They are burrowers so make sure the edges are secure!)


Adults are 8-10 inches in length. Can live 40 years or more.