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Sulcata Tortoise

As recently as a few decades ago, Sulcata Tortoises were rare in the United States, but they have shown an amazing ability to adapt to various climates and habitats in captivity. Their low upkeep cost combined with a curious personality make them commonly sought after by first-time tortoise owners.

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Other Animal Facts


Sahara Desert in Africa


Shells are shades of brown, with golden or sandy yellow skin

Size & Lifespan

If kept indoors, they do well at room temperatures with a basking spot of 100°F


Sulcatas are very tolerant of people, but can become stressed if handled too often.


Will eat most grasses and plants in their enclosure. Also likes leafy greens like kale or lettuce.


Ideally keep in a large outdoor area where they can stay most or all of the year. Need a hide box for temperature regulation.


Adults can reach 24- 36 inches and weigh over 100 pounds. Can live 70 years or more.