Ball python for sale

Size:  Adults up to 5 ft, most about 4 ft. Hatchlings are about 12-18 inches long.

Life Expectancy:  20-30 years. Record is 47 years.

Color:  Chocolate brown ground color with cream colored blotches on the sides. Thin yellow strip from nose to neck. White belly. Many captive color and pattern morphs.

Do they make good pets?  Captive bred animals make an excellent choice.

Temperature:  80-90º F day and 70-80º F night. Need an under tank heat source. We do not recommend the use of hot rocks as they can get too hot and burn the animal.

Humidity:  The recommended humidity is 60%-70%. If it gets too dry they may have shedding problems and will soak in their water bowl. Don’t keep the whole cage moist as you can have problems with mildew. Keep sections of the cage or hide boxes that have moisture, like moist sphagnum moss.

Lighting: 14 hours of light during the summer and 10 hours of light during the winter. You may have a basking light, however ball pythons are nocturnal and don’t come out to bask very often.

Furniture:  Hide box, water bowl large enough for soaking, branches (they don’t usually bask, but love to climb at night).

Substrate:  Cypress mulch works really well, but you can also use newspaper, aspen, pine, long grain sphagnum moss or astro turf (cut off any loose threads that may be ingested).

Diet:  Rodents and adults can eat rats as well.

How Often:  Weekly


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