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Red Ear Sliders

Red-eared sliders are strong swimmers and will spend a majority of their time in the water. They bask a lot, too, and during warm, sunny days, wild red-ears love to stack on top of each other while doing so. The slightest movement or sound will send them sliding off their rocks or logs and back into the water, hence the name “Slider.”

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Other Animal Facts


Southern US through northern Mexico


Shells are generally dark green to brown, with skin that is green with yellow lines; they can come in other color morphs such as "albino" or "pastel"

Size & Lifespan

Needs a basking spot of 85-90°F, with water temperatures in the mid-70's and air temperatures in the 70's through 80's


Sliders prefer not to be handled, but their charming personalities will quickly win you over. They will often swim up to you begging for food.


Eats commercial diets supplemented with fresh greens, feeder insects and feeder fish.


Keep in a large aquarium or turtle tub (about 10 gallons of water per inch of shell length) with a good water filter and water heater.


Adults are 7-12 inches in length. Can live 20 years or more.