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Playdates for Your Pup

Puppies need friends, too, and they love to play! Playdates help them establish new dog friends and grow socially. No matter what breed of dog you have, when they socialize with other canines, it can make them happier animals. As a pet owner, finding ways for your puppy to make friends is essential to your pet’s health. Here are a few ideas on how you can make sure you get your puppy the social pet network he needs.

1. Dog Parks 

Dog parks are in almost every neighborhood. In these parks are dogs of every breed and size, and this can be the right place for your dog to meet a friend. It may be overwhelming for your dog the first time you visit, so limit your time at the dog park. Beware of aggressive dogs so your pet can have a positive experience.

2. A Walk in The Park 

Early morning walks in the park can be exhilarating for you and your dog.  Many other pet owners set aside time to walk their dogs in the park, and this is a perfect time to meet other dogs and dog owners. Notice the dogs your pet gravitates to and help him make friends by socializing with the other pet’s owner. Exchange information and set up a play date for your furry friend.

3. Neighborhood Websites 

Neighborhood websites are the perfect place to make friends with other pet owners. You may have the same schedules or same breed of dog, or you both may be in need of a doggie play date. Whether you have the same breed pet as your neighbor or not, this could be an opportunity for many fun doggie play dates to come.