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Here Is Your Puppy “DO NOT EAT” List For The Holidays

Christmas time is a time to indulge. It’s expected that you want to spoil your puppy too with some extra treats during this period. However, most of the foods you enjoy eating during Christmas aren’t necessarily good for your canine buddy. You need to be extra careful because this period can bring along extra dangers you need to look out for. Here’s your puppy’s “DO NOT EAT” list for the holidays. Chocolate Chocolate is a […]

Accessorizing Your Dog for the Holidays

Playing dress up with your pup can be so much more fun than you can imagine. This is because there’s such a wide range of clothes and accessories to explore. Jackets, shirts, bows, scarves, sweaters, leashes, tags, designer handbags! There’s so much that the ideas just keep flowing. If you’re looking to dress your pup up and turn Ruby into a fashion icon, here are some pretty remarkable ways to go about this: Matching Outfits […]

Holiday Puppy Palooza: How to Convince Your Family to Get a Puppy

If you and your family are considering adopting a dog or getting a puppy this holiday season, we couldn’t be more excited for you! Dogs are some of the best companions and a testament to how magical unconditional love is. Even with all the warm fuzzies you get from your pup, the messes and the midnight potty breaks can seem overwhelming at times. Plus, we know your vote probably isn’t the only one that counts […]

Top 5 Small Breed Purebred Dogs of 2021

Most people see small breeds as big dogs in little bodies. Frankly, this is somewhat true for some. But there are other small breeds that enjoy calmer lifestyles. Small breeds often get a bad reputation because of their personality. Yet, a lot of them make excellent pets for both individuals and families. Not all small breeds develop the big-dog syndrome, particularly if they’re naturally happy and social dogs. There are a few small breeds that […]

Do Dogs Actually Like Wearing Clothes?

Are you trying to get Fluffy to wear a dress and it seems she doesn’t want to keep it on? You’ve seen a lot of other dog owners walk their dogs all dressed up and looking fab. This has probably left you confused as to whether dogs do not like to wear clothes or it’s just Fluffy. Well, the truth is that it depends on the dog. Dogs are individuals and are different from one […]

Build Your Pet’s Intelligence; 4 Ways!

Dogs are naturally intelligent creatures. They have a base level of intellectual ability that develops over time. This is why it is possible to get your pup to learn new words, understand hand signals, and obey new commands.  Just like humans, a dog’s intelligence can be improved with education and training. Smart dogs are the ones who are so well trained that most of their actions become second nature.  So, if you want to get […]

Best Practices for Outdoor Dog Safety

The great outdoors is a beautiful place to be, extra wonderful for your furry companion thanks to enhanced sensory organs.  Activities like a walk in the park or rolling around in the garden is super fun. Your pet gets his exercising in and you get to spend some quality time together.  However, the great outdoors isn’t all rosy. There are elements that can constitute a danger to your pet, and this article is all about […]

Basic Pet Parenting Skills

Puppies, while adorable to a fault, can be quite a handful too. And believe it or not, you do need some parenting skills when it comes to raising your pet.  There’s always the option of learning on the job, a good choice. Another option is learning ahead about the essential skills that would improve your cohabitation.  That’s exactly what we’re setting out to detail in this piece. Here are 5 essential pet parenting skills you […]

Top 10 Toxic Items to Your Pet

If your dog gets into everything, you’re likely used to putting food items away right after meals and keeping your shoes in the closet. Did you know there are much more subtle threats to your furry family member you may not even think twice about? Check out our list to see if you can avoid a trip to the vet by taking care of these risks before they cause a problem. Wood Chips Luckily, most […]

5 Interesting Dog Facts

Pups embody the perfect companion. They are loyal, empathetic, loving, and unbelievably selfless. It is no wonder then that they are man’s best friends.  Now, in addition to these natural attributes of theirs, there are some others that you probably don’t know about.  Here’s five of them: They Sneeze to Indicate Zero Aggression You’ve probably noticed a bit of sneezing going on between pups when they are tangling together. They use these sneezes to communicate […]