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Banana Pastel Ball Python

The Banana Pastel Ball Python is a “morph,” or color/pattern combo, of the Ball Python species. Like all Ball Pythons, they are great for beginners due to their small size and docile nature. While they can be a bit shy at times, they are generally very friendly and easy to care for.

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Other Animal Facts




The pastels do not have oranges and instead bright highlighter yellows and sometimes pinkish blushing on the sides.

Size & Lifespan

Adults are 3-4 feet in length. Can live 20-30 years.


Ball Pythons are very docile animals and are comfortable being handled.


Eats baby mice and rats when young, adult mice and small rats when full grown. (Do not handle for 36 hours after feeding.)


Needs a cage with enough room to comfortably move around. Keep a hide box in both the warm and cool side of the cage.