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Road trip tips — How to travel with your dogs

Spring is a great time to take a road trip. If you plan on bringing your pup with you, here are a few tips for a successful road trip.

1.       What to pack — While on your road trip, you’ll want to try to keep your pet’s daily routine as regular as possible. This won’t be easy since you’ll be focused on the road, but be sure to pack his favorite treats, toys and his normal pet food.

2.       Car Safety — While the car is moving, we suggest keeping your dog crated. If you feel this isn’t a viable option, you may want to consider a pet harness. Keeping your dog secured in the car will prevent them from posing a hazard while you are driving.

3.       Plan your stops — You’ll want to map your stops and make sure no more than 3 hours go by without stopping and allowing your pup to relieve himself and stretch his legs. It’s not uncommon that during these breaks, your pup won’t go. New environment can often cause anxiety.

4.       Pet friendly hotels — Be sure to plan overnight stops at per friendly hotels. When you arrive at the hotel, you will surely be tired, but your pup will have some energy that will need to be released. Go for a long walk to help your dog tire out. You’ll always want to scan the hotel the room and remove any hazards

5.       Relax — During a long road trip, the last thing you’ll want to do is worry about the dog. Your dog can sense your energy so remain calm and enjoy the ride. Take your time, take lots of photos and enjoy the beautiful scenery.