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4 Things that happy dogs do

  1. Make Eye Contact

Dogs will focus on things that they like and are interested in. If they are intimidated or scared of something, they won’t want to look at it, much the same as a person may cover their eyes if they were to see something scary!

Regular eye contact with your dog is a sign that they love and trust you, so hold their gaze from time to time, to show that you love and respect them too.

2. Snuggling in Your Stuff

As a dog’s sense of smell is so acute, they use scent to communicate feelings of love and attachment. Dogs who are happy and well-attached to their owners often enjoy snuggling up to the scent of their owner too. This goes a long way in explaining why you may often find your beloved pooch nestling in the dirty laundry or chewing on old shoes.

3. They Listen to You

If your dog responds to you when you call, it is a strong sign that they are happy and secure. If your dog obeys your commands and listens when you speak, it shows that they have a strong bond with you.

4. Engage in Play-time

A happy dog regularly displays playful behavior. Playful behavior may be shown as jumping and leaping about. Some dogs may also bow to you by stretching out their front legs, receiving a bow from a dog is a sure sign they are happy with you and in a good mood.

A playful pup may also lean into you, enjoying any attention you give them. It’s also a great sign if your dog pushes into your hand when you go to pet them, or rolls onto their back for you to tickle their tummy.