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Best Cat Breeds for Active People

We mostly find them indoors napping along a window sill, but cats love their exercise just as much as we do! If you’re looking for a furry friend to accompany you on adventures but you’re not much of a dog person, why not try a cat instead? Believe it or not, our tiny, domesticated lions and tigers haven’t lost their touch. Even in their smaller size, they’re still keen, highly intelligent hunters. 

Here are some of the most active breed varieties, don’t let the dog lovers have all the fun!

The Bengal

These felines aren’t just loving companions, they’re true-blue athletes. Not only do they love to jump about and sit atop a high perch, but Bengal cats are also avid swimmers. Take them out to the family’s favorite lake or for a beach-side excursion and watch how quickly they take to the water. 

It’s best to keep them leashed outdoors as Bengals have a high prey drive. Should your kitty find themselves distracted by a bird or a squirrel, it’s likely that they’ll chase their target up a tree without a second thought.

The Abyssinian 

Owners who enjoy playing a game of catch will love the Abyssinian breed. Brightly colored and noisy balls, ropes, faux-mice, and spin-machines are perfect tools for interacting with your Abyssinian. They’re considered to be highly intelligent, smarter than most other breeds of felines, and in need of a challenge.

Like a dog, the Abyssian excels at following commands and learns how to do tricks rather quickly. While you’re at work, these kitties are more than happy to entertain themselves. Just don’t leave them alone for too long, or they’ll make use of toys that belong to you.

Oriental Shorthair

If ever there were a cat that could be a best friend to your little ones, it’s the Oriental Shorthair! This especially true for the Harry Potter fans of the family considering how much they resemble the house elf, Doby. 

This extremely vocal breed has large, fox-like ears that are perfect for a few hours of hide and seek. Like the Bengal, Shorthairs are instinctively inclined to chase anything moving at high speeds. 

Get a feathered throw toy and watch them go after it again and again. The Oriental Shorthair enjoys the water, and will likely follow you right into the bathtub. Just be careful to dry up any water that ends up in those massive ears!

The Burmese
These googly, green-eyed cats behave like an extra shadow. All they want is to be right next to their owner and included in whatever it is they’re up to. Burmese cats are among the most powerful domesticated breeds despite their fluffy appearance.

That said, these guys are gentle giants. They’re highly social, happily scoping new faces and surroundings. If you plan on taking them outdoors for a walk around the neighborhood or to explore the backyard, keep them leashed! These kitties have their own agenda and will quickly wander away if left unattended.

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