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National Cat Lovers Month: 10 Reasons We Love Cats

It’s National Cat Lovers Month! Time to celebrate everything we love about our little furry friends. There are good reasons why dogs and cats are the standard pet of choice.

While both make great pets, many have a great deal of love for cats in particular. So whether you already own a pet cat or getting one, here are ten reasons why they’re often the pet of choice.

They’re Independent

Some consider cats to be arrogant as they go about their business like they own the place. But they still have their ancestral instincts, often cautiously looking out for themselves. They don’t constantly need your attention or approval.

They Clean Themselves

Due to their independent nature, cats will happily clean and groom themselves so you don’t have to. They can spend half the day cleaning (if they’re not sleeping), which means your cat is happy, comfortable, and most of all, clean.

Quiet Creatures

A dog can drive you bonkers with barking. But a cat is barely audible at all. They might meow when hungry, but they move around gracefully and quietly. When they’re not, they’re probably sleeping, so they’re far more peaceful than a puppy.

Cats Are Curious

Cats are curious about everything. They love to explore the great outdoors as well as every nook and cranny at home. This makes them interesting, and oftentimes hilarious to watch as they discover something they didn’t expect.

They’re Intelligent

While they don’t work the same way as dogs, cats can be trained, just not in the same way. They behave in accordance with how you treat them and will communicate this to get what they want. They know just how cute to be when they want attention or food!

They Help You Relax

After a long day, it can be nice to sit down and stroke your cat while it happily purrs away. Science has shown that this positive bonding, rhythmic stroking, and focused attention is a great way to relax and relieve daily stresses.

Good For Our Health

They also play a huge part in our mental and physical health. Interaction with them helps lower blood pressure and releases dopamine and serotonin. This helps improve our mood, immune function, and reduce the risk of illness and disease.

Majestic and Adorable

The way they move and position themselves can be both adorable and funny. They have elegant agility at times and can bend themselves into all sorts of shapes, making them interesting and fun to watch.

Excellent Reflexes

They can climb almost anything and fit into any small space. Some like to play fetch and some like to catch bugs. They’re so quick they can even catch and dispose of pesky flies, making them great pest controllers.

They Show Love

They may not jump about and lick us like a dog, but they show their love in other ways. Whether it’s rubbing against your leg, meowing, or cuddling up on your lap, they can be very lovable and affectionate.

More Than a Standard Pet

As you can see, cats are wonderfully adorable and intelligent animals and are so much more than just a standard pet. With all of their quirks and peculiarities, they are the majestic moggies we’ve come to love.

Good for our health and great for our soul, making them one of the most loved animals in the world. For more about pets, come and check out our blog today.

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