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Giant African Bullfrog

These are large, classic-looking frogs that are native to Africa but found in homes around the world. They’re primarily an olive green color with a lighter belly and orange around the limbs.

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Mature African Bullfrogs have a chubby body and are dive green in color. males will have a yellow or orange throat and females nave cream colored throats.

Size & Lifespan

Found mostly in grasslands


They aren’t cuddly, pets they have a reputation for being ornery.


Eats insects, such as crickets and mealworms. Plus they will also eat small rodents such as pinkies, fuzzies, and mice.


can be kept in 15 gallon or larger tank. Moist coco fiber ideal substrate; there should be enough substrate to allow the frog to completely bury Itself. They also nerd a large, easy to enter water dish for soaking. Best Kept between 75-90°


15-25 Years