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Rose Hair Tarantula

For the spider lover, the Rose Hair Tarantula (also known as a Chilean Rose Tarantula or Chilean Fire Tarantula) makes a superb pet. Its docile demeanor and low maintenance upkeep requires little effort from its keeper. They are known for their peculiar behaviors, which can include burrowing and “redecorating” their habitat.

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Other Animal Facts


Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina


Colors range from light gray to a subtle pink to a vibrant rose

Size & Lifespan

Needs a temperature between 70-85°F


This is a calm and docile spider, but it may become moody if handled too much.


Eats live crickets and other large insects.


A small (5-10 gallon) tank is suitable. Add lots of substrate with either driftwood, a hollow log, or an artificial shelter for a hide house.


Adults are 4.5-5.5 inches. Can live up to 20 years (females) and 5 years (males).